How goes a sale?

When an item is ordered, you receive a mail who ask you to confirm the availability.

Then you receive an e-mail including the buyer's address to ship the item or his details to contact him if you agreed on a hand delivery.

You have to ship your item to the address given. When the buyer confirmed the receipt, the sale is finalized and you are paid. The shipping cost will be refunded to you.

In the case of a hand delivery, and if the buyer is satisfied of his purchase, this one gives you a number of hand delivery who will allow you to finalize the sale and being paid.

In the case where the item is ordered with the Luxe Certificate: 

  • You will receive a prepaid label to ship your item to Videdressing.
  • As soon it's received and controled by our services, it will be shipped to your buyer. As soon as he will confirmed the receipt and satisfaction, your sale will be finalized and you will be paid.

Please note: 


No modification on the order can be done by the Customer Service as soon as the order is passed (price reduction, change of carrier, removal of the Luxe Certificate).

If the buyer or the seller want to make a modification, the order has to be canceled and passed again.

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