What are the steps in using the money back guarantee ? Who do I return my item to ?

After receiving your order, you choose to return the item? Here are the steps for the refund: 

  • Your return request has been accepted.
  • The seller's address or Videdressing one has been shared to you by e-mail.
  • You have 48h to ship the item and put the tracking number in My account > My orders > My return.

If the item is returned to the seller

Seller has 7 days maximum to declare the good reception of item true to the description in which it has been sent. Then you will be automatically refunded of the item amount.

The shipping cost are only refunded to the buyer for the following return reasons: 

- Item's condition

- Incorrect description

- Incorrect item received

- Defective item

- Doubt on the authenticity (after verification by legal team)


In case of return for non-conformity, supporting documents can be asked.

For exemple: 


Wrong size > picture of the etiquette

Defective item > pictures of the damages

The return shipping cost will remain to the buyer for any return reasons.

Do not worry, if the seller doesn't respect the period of 7 days as of delivery declared by carrier, we will refund you.

If the item is returned to Videdressing: 


The return of items for doubt on the authenticity are only done to Videdressing to the address received by e-mail.

After delivery, Videdressing will process to the control of the item, will determine its authenticity and will refund the buyer in 48h.

According to our terms and conditions, the return shipping cost still remain to the buyer. Any return request has to be done during the period of 48h from My Orders

If you return to Videdressing hasn't be processed in more than 7 days, we invite you to contact directly operations department to this e-mail:










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