How to take pictures of my item ?

Give yourself the chance to sell your item by posting a maximum pictures of very good quality. We made a photo guide that you can find here.

  1. Wash and iron your clothes so they will be as brand new.
  2. Shoot your item with natural light, without flash and no backlight.
  3. Shoot your item flat or over a hanger, without perspective. Don't cut or hold the items.
  4. Take your picture on a light background or neutral.
  5. Take sharp pictures. Adjust your camera on "High resolution".
  6. Propose many pictures of your item: face, side and back. Wear your clothes, shoes and accessories.
  7. Prove the authenticity of your luxe items and high range with pictures of certificates and proof of purchase.
  8. Take your own pictures: we don't accept the pictures of the brand or taken on the web.
  9. Reveal the finishing touches of your items with zoom on the details.
  10. Delete all the superfluous elements: writings, draws, photo filter, watermark etc.
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