How does a sale work ?

Sale on Videdressing proceeds in several steps: 

  • You put an item on sale.
  • As soon as the item is ordered by a buyer, you have 4 days to confirm the availability. Beyond this period, the sale is canceled.
  • After have confirmed the availability of the item, you will receive the buyer's postal address or the prepaid label if there is the option "Certification Option".
  • You have 72h to ship your item according the shipment method chosen.
  • As soon as the item is shipped, the buyer has 48h to confirm the good reception and his satisfaction or, if necessary, made a return request.
  • Then the sale is finalized! The seller is paid and receive the money on his Videdressing wallet. He can transfer it to his bank account or using it to do his shopping on Videdressing.

In case of return, the item is automatically back in store as soon as you confirmed its reception is confirmed.

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