How to pay with paypal?

Make your life easier with Paypal: order in one click on Vidressing without entering your bank details, and be refunded as quickly if you are not satisfied by the item.

You have finally canceled your order ? Your Paypal account will be credited of the order amount in 48h.

Useful and full secured, Paypal protects your bank details and do not provide them to any commercial website.

To enjoy all of those many advantages,  create your account directly from the website Once on Videdressing, select Paypal payment from your basket when you are ordering.

You juste have to enter your Paypal ID, click on "Pay" and your item is ordered!


This payment method is not eligible for an order in hand delivery.

Payment by Paypal is not opened for an order with different carriers. We invite you to choose one and only delivery method to opt for this payment method.






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