What is hand delivery ?

The seller lives next to you? Choose the hand delivery ! 

If your seller is agree with this shipping method, you just have to choose it when you order. 

Then, we will send you by email his contact details in order to fix an appointement.


These are the steps of an hand delivery :

  • Order an item.
  • The seller confirms the availability of the item.
  • You receive the contact details of your seller by e-mail.
  • Contact your seller within 7 days to organize the hand delivery.
  • As soon as the appointment is fixed, take the number for the hand delivery that you could find in the mail we sent you.
  • If the item is that you expected, give the number for the hand delivery to your seller in order he can be paid.
  • If you don't want to keep the item, don't give the number for the hand delivery and contact the Customer Service in order to cancel the sale and ask your refund.

No payment has to be done during this meeting: the seller will be paid as soon as the sale is finalized.

To note:

- The money back guaranteed is not applied during the a hand delivery. Be sure that you want to keep the item while you met your seller. (In accordance to Hamon's law, this clause does not apply to our whole sellers)

- The shipping method can't be change after the order. If you want to change it, the customer service will have to cancel the order so you can order again.

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